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We're Not Your Traditional Maternity Home


We offer transformational  housing. Not just transitional housing.

We continue partnering with our mothers even after they have transitioned out of our home.
Through the SRS program, every area of a mother's life can be transformed:

Mental Health


Physical Health







We believe spiritual health is the foundation for a thriving life in all other areas.

01. We Empower Mothers

We empower mothers with a holistic approach. We offer clients a safe space where they can build a life for themselves and their children. This creates a community where every woman has the opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve into the person God created them to be.

02. We meet them where they are and stay beside them.

With love and accountability, our program focuses on four areas to create stability. Clients participate in all of these areas each week.


This one-on-one coaching meeting focuses on long-term goals and healthy relationships. It asks,

"Where do you want to go?"



This one-on-one coaching meeting focuses on short-term goals, including daily schedules and budgeting. 


This class focuses on freedom from patterns that are unhealthy and works to pin point their root causes. 



This group meeting focuses on teaching God's desire for a relationship and His purpose and plan for their lives. 

Our Alumni program is essential and allows us to stay in touch with clients as they transition out of the St. Raymond’s home and prepare for the next step in their journey. Once an alumni, always an alumni. There is no time limit. They know they can reach out for support, prayer or encouragement at any time.

03. We Require Engagement

A signed program agreement upon moving in to the St. Raymond’s home requires each client to participate in the four weekly meetings listed above.  This provides structure, accountability and a consistently safe place to try, fail and try again.

04. We Celebrate Wins

Our team’s mantra is that we are “better together.” That means as a team we celebrate wins all the time. We do that with our clients too. Celebrating wins builds community and builds confidence.

05. We Partner With Many

We partner with philanthropists. Our donors can take advantage of the Maternity Home Tax Credit to support our mission. This grants them a 70% tax credit as residents or business owners in the state of Missouri for any donation over $100. Want to know more? Click here for details. 


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