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About St. Raymond's Society

Two Bald Guys...

Most organizations that help single moms don’t start their story with “Two bald guys walk into a restaurant…”, but ours does. Mike Hentges was greatly involved in pro-life activities including the March for Life in Washington D.C. On the bus ride home in 2003, God gave him a very important question to answer...


"if the law were changed today and abortion was illegal, how many women would need help bringing their child into the world? As the law stands today, how many women need our help now?"


Mike was convicted, but not convinced.


Over the next few years, these questions lingered in his heart. In 2006, Mike went on the same bus ride and the idea developed into having a house where women could go to get their family on the right track after choosing life for their child. Finally, in 2009, God’s call to do something was undeniable. Mike confided in his friend, Steve Smith, during a lunch prayer meeting and Steve responded with, “What are we waiting for, let’s go!”

Mike was convinced he had to do something to get started. For the next year, the Mike and Steve began contacting local agencies to offer whatever support filled a gap in services. They did everything from fill propane tanks to mentoring. The vision became a reality when the SRS House in Jefferson City opened in 2012, followed by Columbia in 2014. As the organization has grown, there is no doubt that God’s hand has guided it. They are grateful for being trusted with this mission and look forward to expanding our reach to mid-Missouri.

Our Name...

Mike wanted to honor his parents, Ray and Marilyn Hentges.  While Mike was an unplanned pregnancy in a family of 4 children already, they brought him into the world with love. Mike wondered if there ever was a Saint Raymond, so he googled "Saint Raymond". To his surprise, Saint Raymond is the patron saint of unborn babies, newborn babies, and expectant mothers. And so the organization was named.

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