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St. Raymond's Services

St. Raymond's House

Located in the heart of Missouri, St. Raymond's Society homes provide a safe, stable place for women and thier children to live while they build the life they imagined. Every area of their lives - from nutrition, to employment to relationships - is considered and structured to result in a thriving family. With room for 21 families and the typical stay lasting a year, meaningful and sustainable growth is possible. 

Community Client Program

Emergency Assistance

For mothers who have stable housing, this program offers all the features of the St. Raymond's Society in-home program: which includes 4 classes: vision, planning, freedom and purpose, which are brought directly to the client. 

Families who typically are independent, but are experiencing a financial loss can apply for emergency assistance. For example, in the event of a health crisis, job change or other unexpected change income, funds are available. 


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