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Coming Spring 2024

A pregnant 19-year-old finds a chance at redemption within the compassionate embrace of St. Raymond's Society. With a resiliant spirit and a supportive community she breaks free of her past and chooses hope for her future.

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Since 2010, St. Raymond's has served over 600 women in Cole County and Boone County with stories like Alexandria's. Safe and supportive environments help women break the cycle of poverty and create opportunities for them to build better lives for themselves and their children.

We are deeply honored to play a role in sharing Alexandria's story.

"Women are known for their strength and Alexandria’s testimony strongly points to the inner courage that we all will need to find at some point in our own story. When we come to a crossroad, we are often forced to make hard decisions that will be pivotal to our future. Alexandria’s past is proof that even in seemingly impossible circumstances, that freedom is possible. I feel honored to tell her inspiring story of redemption and transformation."

Kassidy Frommann,

'Alexandria' Film Director

Revival Creative Company

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Our most pressing need is for financial donations of any size. Financial partnership ensures we can continue meeting the needs of mothers who are ready to put in the hard work to create generational change.

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