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Noncash Assets


By taking care of those in your community, you can reduce your tax liability and further
St. Raymond’s Society’s mission.

Asset Donations

Real estate and stocks can be examples of appreciated property. Giving non-cash assets, such as real estate or stocks, can lower taxes and qualify for a charitable deduction.

Real Estate

Selling your real estate investments may expose you to capital gains tax. By donating property to St. Raymond’s Society, you could eliminate this tax and receive a charitable deduction. Talk with your financial advisor or tax professional on how this could fit into your charitable giving plan. 

Stock Donations

If you've owned a stock for more than a year and it has increased in value during that time, you’ll receive the most tax benefit from a stock donation.


Our clients need dependable transportation to get to work, to school, to doctors appointments, etc. For further information on vehicle donations, please contact

Next Steps

1. Consult your financial advisor, trust attorney, tax professional or life insurance agent for advice on the giving options above. 

2. If you are arranging a donation of stock, or a required minimum distribution, please notify St. Raymond's Society by calling 573-777-1498 or by emailing
Proof of donation must be provided by the donor before we can send your application.

3. If you include St. Raymond's Society in your estate plans, use our legal name and Federal Tax ID.

Legal Name: St. Raymond's Society
Address: 3501 Lansing Ave. Columbia MO 65201
Federal Tax ID Number: 27-2079559 

Securities Transferred Electronically via a Stockbroker

St. Raymond's Society Brokerage Information
Organization Name: St. Raymond's Society 
Federal Tax ID Number: 27-2079559 

Brokerage Name: Fidelity
Account Number: Z50-102113
Legal Name: St. Raymond's Society
Address: 3501 Lansing Ave. Columbia MO 65201

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