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Saving Lives By
Empowering Mothers

We Empower

The program is a comprehensive approach.  Offering clients a stable environment where they can build a life for themselves and their children. We envision a community where every woman has the opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve into the person God created them to be. 



Due to unexpected delays in film editing. The Alexandria project has been postponed indefinity. 


Transformational Housing

St. Raymond's is more than a transitional home for mothers. Mother's that choose our program have a high level of success in all areas of their lives including discovering who they are and the potential they have to make generational changes in their families.

How We Help

If you know someone or are a mom who needs help, we have three options for support.

Each of these paths are built to support you in this next season.

St. Raymond's Home

The home has 17-rooms in Columbia and a 4-room home in Jefferson City, where women and their children may live while they participate in our comprehensive program.

Community Client Program

For mothers who have housing yet need a structured program; the same as the mothers living in the St. Raymond's home.

Emergency Assistance

Recognizing that otherwise independent mothers sometimes face emergency situations as a result of maternity leave or bedrest we offer a range of financial and material services.

Mimi Eckstein, Founder and Director of the Gabriel House

"There seems to be a partnership between mothers and staff that brings about essential changes so the family sustains itself after leaving the St. Raymond's House. Mothers leave not only building a community during their stay at St Raymond's but also establishing outside communities to help them when they leave."  

Partner With Us By
Supporting Our Mission

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